I'm Yorick, a Storyteller, Illustrator and Teacher from Australia.

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be" 

(Hamlet - 4.5.43) 

Published Works

The Hero Story

every story ever, retold

What Will You?

Twelfth Night retold

What is Your Tricky Word

a wordplay story

The Great Gatz Bee

the classic tale retold for you, Old Sport

What Will You?

King Lear retold

Ride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice retold

Good Knight Stories

What does a good knight do?

Romeo and Juliet's Diary of Mixed Emotions

Jumping Through Tenses and Timelines

Do you know the twelve tenses?

Non-Published Works

Lizzie's Dream

an original story by a 3 year old

A Long Up

A child-friendly parody of 'Among Us'

The Octonauts and the Savage Awakening

Johnny Johnny

a sci-fi retelling

Dogmeat and Daddy

A Fallout Picture Book

Count on Me

A Final Fantasy Picture Book about Numbers

Yorick's Videos

Fighting and swords!

More fighting & more swords!

Fighting and swords on TV!

Fighting with a spear!

Yorick's Gallery

Miscellaneous Art and Designs

Medieval Picture Book Character Designs

Community Chalk Drawings

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